Aqua & Run video

Unnatural hands movements

•Hands in fists - Rocky

•Spread Fingers – Hi five

•Pushing together with both hands

•Zig Zag

•Cross in front & back of the body

•Alternating cross

•Swimming arms


•Back hand

•Double back hand

Disconnect the hands

Chest Hug

Can-Can Hands

Light surrender

Full surrender

Neck hands


Single or couple

Single leg running

Single Hand movement

Different rhythm, Different counts

*1 | *2 | *3 |* 4

Single-single-double (in *3)

2 slow, 2 quick \ 4 slow 4 fast

Fast legs + slow arms

Wide (fast) narrow (slow)


Planes of movement

Mix the planes

Make the water stormy

Make your body work harder

One direction?

Aqua Twins by BECO

Shallow or deep water.

Full body workout

Use for hands and legs



Running while stretching

Create continuity - if your workout is based on running.

When the water or the outside temperature requires dynamic stretching, to maintain body heat.

For fun…